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ABOUT YOU Doesn't Your Business Deserve to Thrive?

  • ​How can you stop spinning your wheels with marketing companies and lead services?​​​​
  • How much is ineffective marketing and low-quality leads costing you?
  • Struggling to schedule enough work to keep your crew (or second, even third crew) busy every day?
  • How many high-paying jobs are you missing out on because you just don't have the time or resources to bid and cover up-front costs?​
  • Tired of wasting time sending out estimates and never hearing back?
  • How is your company standing out from the competition?  ​
  • Do you have the successful business and life you always dreamed of?

SCREW "SEO" OR "PPC" You Need Qualified Leads, Not Marketing Jargon

If you're like most contractors...

Someone has built you a website and promised you results from BS like SEO, PPC, Ads, or Social Media Management...

And you've tried other lead services like HomeAdvisor or Thumbtack where they shared your leads with a dozen other contractors and charged you for bogus leads...

Without expert marketing, you're probably spinning your wheels. Either the phone isn't ringing enough or you're not closing the leads that are coming in. Basically, you're wasting money...

Lead Stream Consulting partners with you for qualified leads, and you only pay when we bring customers into your sales pipeline.

We only work with contractors who want to be leaders in their market and scale their company to run multiple crews.

It's time to pay for results, not promises!

TIRED OF TIRE KICKERS? Check Out Real Lead Examples

Need Flat Work Leads? Your Inbox Can Look Like This.

63 Leads in May totaling over 60,000+ sq ft in concrete flooring opportunities. Leads ranged from 120 sq ft patio staining to polishing 30,000 sq ft apartment complex.

Concrete Leads

Concrete Flooring Leads? We Have You Covered.

44 leads in May totaling over 60,000+ sq ft in concrete flooring opportunities. Leads ranged from 120sft epoxy coatings to polishing 30,000 sq ft apartment complex.

Concrete Floors Email Leads

Need Epoxy Leads? I Think You'll Need Another Crew.

63 Leads in May totaling over 60,000+ sq ft in concrete flooring opportunities. Leads ranged from 120 sq ft epoxy coatings to polishing 30,000 sq ft apartment complex.

Epoxy Leads Email

No Long-Term Contracts

We know how irritating it is when companies make you jump through a series of hoops to cancel or get a refund. We're happy to say that 95% of our customers work with us for the long haul, even though we don't create long-term contracts and make cancellation easy as 1, 2, 3.

no sharing leads white

No More Sharing Leads

We only work with one company in each market. We will not partner with your competition, period. Only one company can dominate, and we're not in the business of sharing.

Tire Kickers White bg

No More Tire Kickers

All of our leads are from people seeking out your services online. They've seen your work, your reviews, your photos, and are calling because they want to get pricing from YOU. Not just any contractor. We have clients with up 74% close rates!

Ready to Grow?

Get a predictable lead flow to scale your business quickly at a price built on profitability. Better, faster, and more affordable than in-house marketing.

HOW IT WORKS 4 Steps to Catapult Your Sales and Success

Step 1: Build A Badass Brand

Targeting ideal jobs with the best profits, we develop a strong online brand guaranteed to make your phone ring..

Step 2: Aggressive Campaigns

We quickly establish authority in your community using your quality work, photos, and customers to stand out from your competition.

Step 3: Automation and Systems

Estimates, follow-ups, and payments can all be automated to save you time and increase revenue.

Step 4: Dominate and Scale

Once your sales process has been optimized, your calendar will begin to book out months in advance. Hire and scale!

REAL TESTIMONIALS See What Our Clients Are Saying

From unsure to $36,000+ increase in revenues in the first 8 weeks.

When we met Daniel, it was clear that he had the knowledge and experience to close deals if he was given the right opportunities. He had been burned by Home Advisor and Angie's List, so they were hesitant at first. Daniel needed a reliable source of jobs to keep his crew busy before things would fall apart.

The Results

Daniel closed an additional $36,000 in new jobs by his second month working with us.

His calendar is scheduled weeks out in advance, and his company is hiring a third crew to keep up with demand! Daniel has new processes in place to close deals and grow, and the peace of mind that as he continues to scale he can keep his guys busy.


Daniel A.




$36,000+ in additional revenue in the first 8 weeks.

From $0 and struggling to $350,000/year.

When Robert and his co-founder started their concrete polishing business, they quickly realized that finding new customers would be the hardest part of growing their company.

Their years of flooring experience couldn't provide the connections or knowledge of how to take two guys with expensive equipment to a profitable business that could provide them with the life they wanted.

The Results

Robert went from $0 to over $350,000/year in revenue, and he is still growing.

His team has hired a full-time estimator and a full-time polisher, allowing Robert to start taking a little time away from the business. With a calendar booked 3 months out, Robert no longer has to worry about where his next dollar is coming from.


Robert Fox


Concrete Flooring & Decorative Concrete


From $0 to $350,000/year

From getting by to record sales in 90 days.

When we met Adriano, his company was becoming established. They had a reliable crew and were profitable, but he had gaps in his schedule and wanted to really push for big success.

Adriano was often working 16 hours a day managing crews, paperwork, and estimates. He was willing to work his ass off, but needed an extra edge over the competition and get real momentum rolling.

The Results

Adriano now has 3 crews, full-time estimators, and an office assistant.

His income has increased, but more importantly he has the money to hire great people that free up his time to enjoy life. He no longer has to visit every single job or speak to every customer. He's building a company that can operate without him.

Optimus Concrete Logo

Adriano Ganzales


Flatwork - Mostly Residential


Record month in sales within 90 days.

Wake Up to More Calls and Booked Estimates🔥🔥🔥

What would life be like if your phone rang all day long? Our systems are built to line your pockets. Guaranteed.



After working with over one hundred contractors, estimators, and sales coaches, we've we've found 5 common mistakes that are absolutely killing sales.

Rarely do we meet a business owner or funnel that isn't making at least 2-3 of these mistakes, which leads to lost deals and less money.

WE'RE TECHY SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE Solutions That Drive Sales

Let's face it, technology is changing rapidly and it is nearly impossible to keep up.

And you may be wondering how that impacts you...

We leverage technology to give our partners a competitive advantage. From stunning proposal templates to automated messaging sequences, we use modern technology to increase your sales and simplify your life.

Rest assured knowing you have a company working for you that spends all day wondering how we can make your life easier.